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I just love the level of service I receive at No Name Nutrition. The owner, Todd, is incredibly knowledgeable and always willing to spend time with his customers!

patricia - omahapatricia - omaha

I love this store. When I'm trying to be healthy and want to do things in a more natural healthy approach this is the place to go. The people are so friendly I'm sure if you ask them about every product in their store they would walk around and explain everything to you. Customer Service is a big thing for me and they have EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE.

nia r - omahania r - omaha

The staff at No Name Nutrition on 144th are experts in health and nutrition! They are my "go to" resource for ultimate health. Thanks, Trent, Josh and Jennifer for all of your help!

lisa turner - omahalisa turner - omaha

An incredibly huge selection of all sorts of nutritionals, food, vitamins, equipment, etc., along with a down to earth and friendly staff. Prices for health food are usually high, but No Name is lower than some of the bigger names and I found some great coconut oil at about half what others sell it for. Turning in off of 72nd takes some doing, but it's worth it.

stephen a - omahastephen a - omaha

I have been here a couple of other times (thanks to Tina for introducing me) but never took the time to write a review. Similar concept as other healthy outlets in town but there is something special about No Name. There are plenty of local selections (including the vegan cheesecake popup I was able to score), fresh (refillable) local honey, plenty of vegan, low carb and paleo options. This doesn't even include the nutrition section that is quite daunting and impressive in its own right. Not the easiest location to get to (just north of Blondo on 72nd on the westbound side - can get a bit of traffic if heading north) but definitely a place to visit if you do other stores like this in town.

paul c - omahapaul c - omaha

I absolutely love the customer service at this store. Everyone is helpful and knowledgeable. Where else can you go to taste water and the staff is able to tell you the differences and benefits of the water. WUT!! They also have a great selection of essential oils, no longer do I have to order from Amazon, not knowing what the scent will actually be,and again the staff is really good about talking to you about the benefits and differences between the brands and the purpose of the oils. There is no high pressure or some slick gym rat looking dude trying to make you buy something you really don't want, because their company goal is to sell some featured product for the month. They have all sorts of products, food, pet food, vitamins, chemical free cleaning products, all kinds of amazing teas, healthy snacks, and of course vitamins, vitamins oh and some more vitamins. The assortment of products is amazing and store really isn't that large, but you don't feels like they rammed a bunch of stuff in there and make you feel claustrophobic. I do not consider this a health food store, but more of a healthy living store. If you want to make some healthy changes in your lifestyle, albeit all at once or incremental, like me, start your journey here and if you are already living a healthy lifestyle, you need to check this place out. You will be glad you did. Oh yeah, they also have some great sales and a free sample basket to.

monica c - omahamonica c - omaha