14 Ways to Show Yourself Some Love (with a little help from No Name Nutrition!)

Happy Valentine’s weekend from No Name Nutrition. We are all about showing your body the love and respect it deserves. Here are 14 ways you can show yourself some love this Valentine’s Day.

  1. Try out a new essential oil- We know with everyone working from home, sometimes the house can get a little stale. Essential oils have beneficial properties and are a great way to treat yourself.
  2. Sore muscles? Pick up something to relax your muscles and soothe any soreness and aches.
  3. Cook yourself a delicious meal with our organic meat options! Nothing says “I love you more” than giving your body a healthy form of fuel.
  4. And don’t forget to add in a few of our bulk herbs for that pure flavor.
  5. Choose a good supplement! Make good choices and don’t choose that over processed supplement with fillers that your body doesn’t need.
  6. Treat your skin right with one of our many natural products. Your skin is the largest organ on your body and deserves to be treated well.
  7. Introduce a probiotic into your life, that good bacteria could be just what your body needed.
  8. Choose a local product. We have products from around the Omaha area that sell their products from No Name Nutrition. Feel good about giving back to your local community with local honey, or other products.
  9. Add Zinc to your daily routine. Zinc is a great way to help your immune system so you can keep up with taking care of yourself and your loved ones.
  10. Choose an organic or low sugar snack. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all sugar
  11. Enjoy a delicious CBD chocolate bar.. Chocolate is always a delicious treat and CBD is said to calm anxiety, relax sore muscles, ease inflammation, bolster productivity, and stop acne, so you can’t go wrong!
  12. Join us for Dr. Ingram's Lectures February 22nd-27th! Cut out time in your day to find out to best help your immune system. RSVP here for the event today!
  13. Choose curbside pickup for your next order. We make shopping healthy easy! With personal shoppers and phone service, you can get your nutrition and wellness products easily from No Name Nutrition Market.
  14. Come say “Hi!” to your favorite employees here at No Name Nutrition Market! We are always getting in new products for your health and wellness needs and always excited to see and help our customers out!

There are many ways you can show yourself some love and treat yourself with the wellness and nutrition you deserve! Feel free to ask Trent, Todd, or Josh for the best product for health and wellness needs.