You may wonder what Alkaline water is. Alkaline water refers to water with a PH level over 7. It is believed consuming water with a higher PH will help reduce the acidity level of one’s body while hydrating more efficiently.

Some of the believed benefits of Alkaline water are: 

  • Restoring pH balance in the body- Due to it’s higher levels of PH in the water, it can help to neutralize the acidity in one’s body.  
  • Anti-aging properties due to antioxidants- Alkaline water has higher antioxidant levels which may help improve overall bodily functions.
  • Immune system support-Alkaline water helps to increase oxygen to vital organs, allowing them to work as efficiently as possible. It also helps eliminate more toxins and harmful substances, which will help fight off pathogens and infection
  • Weight Loss- Alkaline water has electrolytes and minerals that will keep you hydrated.In turn, you will have more energy at the gym to exercise which will help to boost your metabolism.
  • Supports digestive track- Consumption of alkaline water enhances the lubrication of the colon and helps proper functioning. 

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